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2007 Walton Ford Born: Larchmont, New York 1960 watercolor and gouache on paper overall: 95 x 132 in. (241.3 x 335.3 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of the American Art Forum and Nion T. McEvoy © 2007, Walton Ford 2008.4A-C Smithsonian American Art Museum
3rd Floor, East Wing

Artwork Description

Walton Ford's large-scale watercolors combine the meticulous detail of naturalist drawings with all the narrative drama of a great film. Tur depicts the aurochs, a prehistoric bull that gave rise to modern day bison and cattle. The Latin inscription at the top left of the painting reads: "The Polish call me tur, the Germans call me aurox, and the ignorant call me bison."

Smithsonian American Art Museum: Commemorative Guide. Nashville, TN: Beckon Books, 2015.


Animal - cattle - bull


paint - gouache

paint - watercolor