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How to Care for Your Collections

We offer simple guidelines for caring for your own art here.

In the case of a natural disaster, you can find advice through the Heritage Emergency National Task Force.

Collaborations in Conserving Time Based Art Colloquium : March 17-18, 2010

It is widely understood that the special challenges of conserving film, video, computer-based, and interactive art demand collaborative efforts—shared responsibility among a wide array of disciplines. Over the past decade, best practices and shared principles about the care of this art have been developed...emulation, migration, variability. But how do these practices actually work in the real world? This colloquium brought together conservators, artists, curators, exhibition designers, and audiovisual specialists in a series of case studies about collaboration, designed to provoke debate about how we have cared for these works thus far. The colloquium was co-sponsored by the Hirshhorn Museum and the Lunder Conservation Center, Smithsonian Institution.

You may view an archived webcast of this program at