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Conserving William H. Johnson's Portrait of a Man

Conserving a Painting

Smithsonian American Art Museum conservator Ann Creager inpaints a William H. Johnson artwork, Portrait of a Man.

Witness the magic of paintings conservation in our latest video—and get the museum world's take on "before" and "after."

In this three-minute documentary, Ann Creager conserves a painting, Portrait of a Man, by William H. Johnson. Treating this damaged artwork took Ann several months, but you see an amazing transformation in this short video! (Requires Quicktime plugin; Movie, 10.6 MB)

You can stop by to view conservators at work in our Lunder Conservation Center. There you will see museum staff examining and treating artworks in state-of-the-art laboratories. Plus, visit this painting in the new Luce Foundation Center for American Art, which presents 3,500 artworks in glass cases.