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Art Signs: Gallery Talks in American Sign Language (ASL)

Art Signs

Tracey Salaway presents an Art Signs gallery talk in American Sign Language for deaf visitors.

Experience Art Signs

It's a busy day at the Museum, and a knot of visitors is in animated conversation with their gallery guide. They are part of the Museum's Art Signs program, featuring 30-minute gallery talks presented by deaf gallery guides in American Sign Language (ASL). ASL interpreters voice information and observations allowing hearing and deaf audiences to discover art together under the leadership of a deaf guide.

We invite you to come and explore our rich collection of American art with an Art Signs gallery guide. Click here for upcoming Art Signs presentation dates. Join our Art Signs mailing list and receive e-mail updates on upcoming programs and other special ASL events at the Museum. Contact Carol Wilson at WilsonCL[at] for more information. Check out our calendar to see the next Art Sign event.

Visitors love Art Signs!

"I want to commend you on this wonderful program providing access to artworks through ASL guides and discussion! . . . I deeply appreciate the significance of your ASL program."

"I enjoyed the background and discussion of the art. It really helps with understanding art and keeps my interest. If I go around myself I would have not gotten the same experience."

"Gave me a new perspective on a painting I would have passed by. Fabulous info."

"Loved that this was presented in sign language."

Art Signs Introduction

Click play above to learn more Art Sign in the galleries.

Art Signs Video Series

Can't make it to the Museum? Discover Art Signs video series. Researched, written and presented by Art Signs deaf gallery guides, this video series presents their interpretations and reflections on art from our collection.

Click play above to see all featured videos in the Art Sign series.

All videos are available through Art Babble.
Individual links are available for each separate video from Youtube:

Achelous and Hercules
Thomas Hart Benton's Achelous and Hercules
Presented by Taye Akinola

Lily Furedi's Subway
Presented by Taye Akinola

Among the Sierra Nevada, California
Albert Bierstadt's Among the Sierra Nevada, California
Presented by Kate Breen

Deborah Butterfield's Monekana
Presented by Tabitha Jacques

Sunflower III
Joan Mitchell's Sunflower III
Presented by Tracey Salaway

Night in Bologna
Paul Cadmus's Night in Bologna
Presented by Renato Souza

The Farmer's Kitchen
Ivan Albright's The Farmer's Kitchen
Presented by Kate Breen

The South Ledges, Appledore
Childe Hassam's The South Ledges, Appledore
Presented by Kate Breen

William H. Johnson's Café
Presented by Tracey Salaway

Allan Rohan Crite's Sunlight and Shadow
Presented by Tracey Salaway

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