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Winning Shoes

1st place: Kerstin, Heidelberg High School (Germany), 2nd place: Kai Lee, Yokota High School (Japan), 3rd place: Joshua, Lajes High School (Portugal)

The Smithsonian American Art Museum initiated its 1st Found/Altered Shoe Contest for all high school art students in Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) in Europe and the Pacific. In total, the Museum received over 90 student submissions for the contest. The Museum staff (including curators, exhibit designers, and educators) as well as DoDDS high school art students voted on the submissions. The Museum is highly impressed with the students' work and efforts and are proud to feature them on our website.


  1. Using an old shoe as a base, contestants used any other materials they choose to create custom kicks themed on art, music, action sports, or local flavor.
  2. Teachers posted photos in the Found/Altered Gallery with three angles from each shoe: top, instep, and outside.
  3. The Smithsonian staff (including curators, exhibit designers, and educators) chose the top 15 altered shoes from a pool of over 90 submissions.
  4. Participating schools voted on the Gold, Silver, and Copper winners.
  5. American Art tallied overall results and are proud to announce the winners of the 1st annual Found/Altered Shoe Contest.
  6. Each winning classroom received a box of teacher resources for use in the classroom.
  7. Contestants may split pairs and submit only one shoe. If a student chooses to alter a pair, the shoes do not have to match one another, but they must share a theme.

Please visit our Distant Learning: Student Gallery on Flickr.

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