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Distance Learning

2015 Student Artworks: DoDEA

The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted its third annual student art competition for all art students in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools, world-wide. In total, the Museum received 47 student submissions for the contest from 10 schools across the globe in locations such as Bahrain, Belgium, England, Germany, Guam, Japan, and a virtual high school based in the United States.

Fellow DoDEA students and Museum staff, including curators, exhibit designers, and educators, voted on the submissions to select the winners for each age group: Elementary School (Grades 1-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12).

The Museum is highly impressed with the students' work and efforts and is proud to feature them on our website. Below are the Gold-medal winners from each age group. Please visit our Distance Learning: Student Gallery on Flickr to see all medal-winning artworks.

Elementary School: Contain(ing) Water

Students designed a non-traditional container for water. These artists were encouraged to look beyond everyday objects typically used to hold water and to be inspired by nature.

Forest Flower by Lea, winner of the Contain(ing) Water contest

GOLD: Lea, Vogelweh Elementary School (Germany)
SILVER: Gabrielle, CDR William C. McCool Elementary/Middle School (Guam)
BRONZE: Hunter, Aukamm Elementary School (Germany)

Middle School: Help an Endangered Species!

Students identified an endangered species and designed an environment that could meet the survival needs of that endangered species. Along with their artwork, students submitted a brief written description about the needs of the species as well as the student’s proposed solution.

Elementary School Sculpture Selfies

Grizzly Bear, North America by John, winner of the Help an Endangered Species! Contest

GOLD: John, E.J. King High School (Japan)

A brief description of the Grizzly’s needs and the studen’s solution:

One major food source of the Grizzly Bear, other than salmon, is the white bark pine nut. Studies show that female Grizzly Bears have more and healthier cubs when they eat more white bark pine nuts. But, white bark pine trees are under attack from pine beetles.

We need to plant more trees and watch out for pine beetles.

SILVER: Kate, E.J. King High School (Japan)

High School: The Art of Opposites

Students created an artwork in which both elements of an opposite are depicted as clamoring for equal status.

Elementary School Sculpture Selfies

Cat-Tac by Sarah, winner of The Art of Opposites contest.

GOLD: Sarah, SHAPE High School (Belgium)
SILVER: Marjorie, SHAPE High School (Belgium)
BRONZE: Mitja, SHAPE High School (Belgium)

To see this year's winners as well as last year's winners, please visit our Flickr gallery by following the links below.