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The Renwick Gallery

Renwick Gallery

Renovation of the Renwick Gallery Building

A major, two-year renovation of the Renwick Gallery currently is underway and the building is now closed to the public. The lead architects for the project are Westlake Reed Leskosky, based in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Washington, D.C. The renovation includes completely renewed infrastructure, enhanced historic features, and other upgrades that will make the National Historic Landmark building a 21st-century destination. An international design competition in 2013 invited selected interior designers, artists, and architects to envision the Grand Salon anew as a must-see attraction for contemporary audiences. The museum selected Applied Minds, an interdisciplinary company based in Los Angeles, as the winner for its technology solution that uses state-of-the-art high-definition projectors and audio speakers to create an immersive and interactive environment. Funding for the renovation is a 50-50 public-private partnership. The building is expected to reopen in 2016.

Handi-hour, DC's premier crafty hour with craft making, craft beer, and live music, has temporarily moved to the museum’s main building in the Penn Quarter neighborhood. Find out more here!

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About the Renwick Gallery

The Renwick Gallery opened in 1972 as the home of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s craft and decorative art program. The collection, exhibition program and publications presented by the Renwick Gallery highlight the best craft objects and decorative arts from the 19th century to the present.

The Renwick Gallery is located steps from the White House in the heart of historic federal Washington. Its Second Empire-style building, a National Historic Landmark, was designed by architect James Renwick Jr. in 1859 and completed in 1874. For the past 40 years, the building has served as the nation’s premier site honoring the country’s best artists in their fields.

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